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The technical alarms of a Building Automation System or Intelligent Buildings BAS (Building Automation System) are presented from our BMS (Building Management System) software in a graphical, understandable and automatically manageable way if the installation requires it, it is adaptable to any size of the facilities so it is not necessary to have a large infrastructure to be able to have a system of this type from a home, an office, a building or a complex of buildings in different locations.

Separate systems typically lack internal operational analytics, uses of themselves, and reporting so that you, Property Managers, Maintenance Managers, Security Managers, or anyone else understand exactly what you need.


At this time is where the BMS or BAS administration system software and the technical alarm monitoring system come into play, the Development department of Encom Ingeniería For a more efficient management of the systems installed in the different locations such as Hospitals, Hotels , Shopping Centers, Universities, Schools, etc., provides Advanced analysis, takes the data and processes the information as soon as it is produced, in order to use the information, to generate comparative evaluations, with similar facilities, project behaviors, identify savings opportunities and reduce risks.


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