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Energy & Communications Engineering  is a technology integration company, characterized by its dynamism and innovation in solutions, focusing on generating high added value engineering solutions that translate into higher productivity, reliability, lower maintenance and monitoring costs for our clients. Our company has alliances of companies and brands with great national and international recognition of which we are specialists in order to provide a service that adjusts to the specific requirement of each of our clients.

We are a company dedicated to the satisfaction and progress of our internal and external clients, providing comprehensive solutions to cover and improve the availability, operability and efficiency of its technological infrastructure. Always working committed to our continuous improvement, safety and development of our human talent and the protection of the environment.



Offer our clients the most diverse and innovative portfolio of products and services that optimizes all their technological and energy infrastructure needs. In 10 years to be one of the most relevant companies in the sector, competing with the leading companies in Colombia in terms of profitability and positioning in our market. To be forerunners in the Automation industry, the safety and prosperity of our human talent and in the protection of the environment.


Are you satisfied with the current technological infrastructure systems of your company?
Do you need support in the IMPLEMENTATION of your company's technology solutions?
WHO do you call when your technology infrastructure fails?
If your business is not technology, WHY INVEST in fixed assets for this purpose?

Main office

Carrera 19 # 185-53 Of. 308

Bogota Colombia

PBX: (+571) 716 0445

Our Portfolio

Technical support

PBX: (+571) 7160445 Ext. 1002

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