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Automation in the education sector brings great advantages, because with this, greater security is obtained for both students, teachers and administrators as well as for the facilities. With access control systems, no unauthorized person will be able to enter the facilities, the alarm systems generate a warning in the event of an event or accident such as fires or floods, even if there is no one in the facilities, the person in charge of controlling the The center can always be alert to any eventuality.

One of the main reasons to automate an educational center is the savings that are achieved thanks to intelligent control of lighting; The combination of natural and artificial light depends on the orientation of each classroom, the distribution of the tables and the students, whether it is a sunny or cloudy day, therefore, automation ensures that you do not have to be aware of the amount of outside light entering, or if dark areas are created in a space. Thanks to the intelligent control, you can also program the on and off of the heating in the classrooms, vary throughout the day or even by times of the year.

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Spending in an educational center is very high, because much of the day energy is used, both in lighting and in temperature, which is why another of the advantages that automation offers is to keep an exhaustive control of spending In this way, consumption is reduced and a use adapted to the needs is carried out. Opting for automation in educational buildings also ensures a reduction in energy bills, high comfort for students, teachers and other administrative staff.

Connectivity and Wi-Fi networks play an important role within educational buildings, because with the correct planning of the network infrastructure, it is possible to make the most of the technology in devices and applications, and in this way a more learning experience is obtained. enriching.

​ At Encom Ingeniería we have solutions in each of our business lines that will allow you to improve the performance of your building and offer a unique and quality experience according to the expectations and needs of our clients.


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