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Structured network cabling is a comprehensive system of cabling, accessories and components that jointly provide and meeting certain norms and standards, an interconnection infrastructure for the components of a data network. This infrastructure is capable of integrating both voice, data and video services, as well as building automation and control systems. Structured cabling consists of laying cables inside a building for the purpose of implementing a local area network, it can be fiber optic or coaxial cable.  


Our structured cabling service includes a comprehensive service, both for voice and data networks, taking into account the design of the network and the infrastructure. Design, implementation, support and maintenance for structured cabling systems (Fiber / Copper), wireless networks (indoor / outdoor), and cellular signal amplifiers.​

Structured cabling tools are essential for optimizing the resources and processes of organizations, the implementation of a Structured Cabling System allows establishing and creating telecommunications infrastructures inside a building to run different types of data services, voice, video and others, and above all thinking about a technological validity that meets your needs for a period of time of at least 20 to 25 years.

​ With the implementation of a technological infrastructure, benefits are obtained in terms of high performance, reliability, durability, centralized administration, low cost, high return on investment, flexibility and convergence.



Raised / False Floor, False Ceiling, Lighting, (Led Technology), Walls, Doors, Locks, Cárcamos (dikes / sardinel), Maintenance


Design and implementation of stabilized energy protection systems, Design and implementation of Commercial and Stabilized Electrical Wiring, Lighting (Led Technology), implementation of energy projects, electrical installation, VAC, DC measurements.


Wireless networks (Access Point, Radios and Antennas), Design and implementation of external wireless equipment Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Pipelines (Aerial, underground and apparent), Adaptation of communication rooms, installation of cabinets, ladders, inverters, rectifiers , patch panel, ODF, DDF, metallic structures. Design and implementation of DATA CENTERS. Design and implementation of Video Conference Rooms, Copper Cabling (UTP), Fiber Optic Cabling, Cabinets / Racks, Scanning, Labeling, Certification, Cellular Signal Amplifiers, Maintenance


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