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The  residential automation  is becoming a fundamental and increasingly affordable application for architecture projects, whether they are  new buildings  or  renovations , its main purpose is to make life simpler, safer and easier. Automation seeks to be globally intelligent, functioning as a system that facilitates processes and people's lives.

These systems allow controlling lighting, heating and air conditioning systems, alarms, doors, windows, smoke detectors, security cameras, pedestrian and vehicular access control, fire detection, elevators and many other sensors and devices; This automation provides values such as greater energy efficiency, better connectivity, accessibility and increased comfort.

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The main objective of automating residential buildings is to increase security, the systems collect information from devices and motion sensors and use it to know when people are inside spaces, to block doors and gates. In the same way, there is a significant saving in building costs and therefore energy savings, since technologies such as thermostats and intelligent lighting are connected to a centralized control that can act automatically or be programmed to control energy consumption. and increase the economy, being more aware of its consumption.

When it comes to automating a residential building, there are preferences mainly in elements that allow them to have greater comfort and well-being in their homes, especially in common areas, since they focus on elements such as lighting, security, air conditioning and access; improving the energy efficiency of the building's common elevator and lighting installations.

​ Automated buildings take advantage of pervasive wireless connectivity, sensors, and IoT technologies to communicate and analyze data that is used to control and optimize building management systems. A combination of IoT solutions is used to automate access control systems, security systems, lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems.


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