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Today technology and digitization have become essential tools for the survival of a company, the financial sector has gone from traditional interaction and communication to being immersed in a process of regeneration and transformation that has achieved important changes, financial services You have shown that investing in technology and digitization has a positive impact on your processes and your users. Digitization in the financial field is managing to position itself more and more, it is the new technologies that allow to acquire the flexibility and competitiveness that is needed.

In the banking sector, biometric recognition solutions are being integrated through facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprints, etc. But in addition to having a digital identification, this also allows you to save time and money by being able to carry out administrative procedures over the Internet, what these solutions seek is to avoid fraud and in turn to be able to offer much faster and more reliable services.

​ Through automation, information is collected from sensors or inputs, it is processed and orders are issued to actuators or outputs, which favors the company since it provides energy management, security, well-being and communication services, and that can be integrated by means of internal and external communication networks, wired or wireless and whose control enjoys a certain ubiquity, from inside and outside the building.

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Some of the equipment offered to guarantee security in financial institutions and that provide the most benefits are those that allow the integration of alarms, digital CCTV, access controls, and fire detection. With the implementation of these security systems, the bank manages to increase the protection of the assets that are in it and the people who work in the facilities or visit them to carry out operations, as well as reinforcing the image and credibility of the organization as well as greater customer support.


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