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Across the entire manufacturing and production industry, changes brought about by the digital revolution and automation have had an immense impact on business, collaboration, relationships, behaviors, and expectations.

Today's industries, companies must incorporate a data-driven approach to operations in order to find new information and obtain more efficiency in each process of the organization. Industries use automation solutions to optimize processes and boost productivity within the building, thus making better decisions that allow them to have more efficient processes and improve profitability.

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Technologies are not only generating new business opportunities, but they are also a key element in our lives as they help us improve and facilitate it. The advantages of building automation is that it provides comfort, security, management and use of energy equipment or facilities, savings in electricity, water and energy consumption. With these technologies it is possible to carry out an intelligent management of the air conditioning and lighting installations, since the hours of operation are regulated.  operation of the rooms or work areas in buildings for industrial use, to adapt them to the hours of use and occupation of the same, avoiding that, for example, they can remain operating at night or outside working hours.

​ The most commonly used equipment for a regulation and control system are technical alarms, surveillance cameras, anti-intrusion system, smoke detectors or fire-fighting systems, since they allow continuous monitoring and surveillance of the state and safety of people, as well as property in buildings, allowing the detection and management of incidents and breakdowns to be able to correct them as soon as possible. These technologies are one of the best solutions for the industrial sector since they offer added value for the organization such as having control and direction from a single interface.


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