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Technology enablement, digitization and automation are affecting industries today in profound ways and the healthcare industry is no exception. One of the most pronounced effects of this digital transformation is the rise of "smart" infrastructure, a development that is already affecting tens of thousands of cities, offices and homes around the world.

Smart infrastructure makes extensive use of emerging technologies to create more integrated and efficient spaces that better adapt to the needs of their users and occupants. Smart hospitals are not only being used to improve care delivery within the building, but also to connect and contribute to the broader healthcare delivery ecosystem.


Within a smart or automated hospital there are healing environments where the increasing digitization of the building means that technology is working seamlessly to provide benefits to the people who connect to it, the focus is on digital systems and the potential that offered to the building, in this way hospital administrators can better understand the needs of both patients and staff to create a smoother experience and better standards of care.

The goal of automating a hospital focuses on improving resilience, strengthening structural and operational aspects, and providing green technologies; energy improvements include solar panel installations, electrical storage batteries and low consumption electrical systems, which in addition to reducing energy consumption, reduce the health sector's carbon footprint on the environment and provide the hospital with energy autonomy, allowing it to continue to function during emergencies and disasters. New trends and market opportunities require a differentiated network infrastructure, where modern hospitals are built on an ICT environment, interconnected tools, and new functionalities to facilitate the work of doctors, reduce healthcare costs and improve the patient experience.

Hospitals feel the need to evolve along with new technologies, which in turn allow convenience, speed, cost savings and even perfection. In the same way, these technologies allow patients to control the temperature, ventilation and other functions in their rooms to improve their comfort. Room control applications are easily displayed on the patient's smartphone or tablet; new lighting technologies also help in the recovery process.


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