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El hogar es tan solo uno más de los múltiples escenarios en los que existen profundas transformaciones por la innovación tecnológica



Bajo el concepto general de Inmótica se define como la automatización Integral e inteligente de Edificios...



 La urbótica cumple un papel particularmente importante por las Smart Cities. 


With the new approach to global Energy Efficiency policies considered as a mechanism to ensure future supply, new technologies and good consumption habits derived from global strategies are adopted, seeking to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases, on average, each 30% of the total energy is wasted per year.


The growing increase in consumption and its associated cost is due to the lack of control, supervision and monitoring of equipment, at the moment buildings consume 42% of all electrical energy worldwide and the clearest trend of energy saving for buildings it is automation that has driven the development of the concept of Smart Buildings.

The Intelligent or Automated Buildings and their degrees of intelligence are given by understanding the experiences and the desired results in the implementation is different from a residential building,  where the priority is the safety and comfort of its cohabitants.


In addition to the reduction of physical surveillance costs than a building with commercial use where its priorities are the control and effective management of resources, including integration with HVAC air systems, Hydrosanitary systems, HVAC systems, lighting, Control, Generation of Energy, Security, Fire, Access, and all the different subsystems that compose it.

A Building Automation System or Smart Buildings BAS (Building Automation System for its acronym in English) adds reliability to the administration of the building (Facility Management), generates returns on investment with maximum economy, maximum efficiency in the use of consumable and renewable energy , allows maximum flexibility which generates optimal adaptability at a low cost of continuous technological changes, optimizes security by providing highly secure, reliable, sustainable and sustainable environments.


Encom Ingenieria, focusing on future challenges, offers you different solutions in Building Automation or Smart Buildings.


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