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Automation in the commercial sector increases productivity levels, helps reduce errors and improves both quality and speed in the different processes, thus achieving results that are aligned with business objectives. Among the advantages that automation offers can be mentioned, the saving of time, the precision in the development of complex tasks, the improvement and increase of the production, the increase of safety and comfort within the facilities. With the adoption of new technologies, the commercial sector seeks efficiency, sustainability and new income models.

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At Encom Ingeniería we are committed so that the operators or owners of the commercial establishments find opportunities for improvement through the technological solutions we offer and also be able to digitize their commercial center or business; where you can obtain valuable information about your customers and their behavior, thus connecting with them and interacting in a personalized and automated way.

An example of this is to be able to offer a Wi-Fi Network to your visitors and thus provide added value to customers, thus making your captive portal a market research tool where you can feed the database of customers and the CRM automatically, leading to a greater brand presence. The CCTV solution offers a people counting system with which you can know the exact number of people who enter your shopping center or business and obtain detailed reports of the flow of visitors such as the average time of stay, and in the same way make a analysis by zones of visitor traffic. It is also possible to obtain a heat map to establish the cold zones and hot zones of your establishment in order to carry out strategies to optimize the performance of the different areas.


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