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The public lighting service consists of the installation and maintenance of lighting on public roads, it is that which is provided in spaces that are freely accessible to all citizens, such as parks, roads, neighborhoods, bridges, tunnels and other spaces of free movement that are not in charge of any natural or legal person of private or public law. The objective of public lighting is to provide adequate visibility for the normal development of activities, this lighting can range from a few lights, to the massive installation of lamps in large spaces. Public lighting is one of the public services that all municipal authorities must provide in the areas they administer, in order to make them safer and easier to access for the city's inhabitants.

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When we talk about public lighting, we also talk about security, neighborhoods or dark streets allow the increase of the possibilities that those who commit crimes put our assets and especially our security at risk. The lack of lighting makes sectors vulnerable, especially those furthest from the city center, which is why it is necessary to have good lighting permanently in these public spaces. The function of the lighting is that users can be able to see the route of a road, signs or any obstacle.

An important aspect is that public lighting can represent 40-50% of the energy consumption of a city, for which the ways in which the cost and consumption of the same can be reduced must be defined, but without the decrease in energy consumption. quality and service of this. Technology is a good ally to be able to meet this objective of obtaining quality and economical lighting.

Intelligent public lighting allows through the Internet of Things (IoT Internet of Things), to control, manipulate and automate the lighting according to the external conditions of the environment, the passage of people and timing for the reduction of consumption and costs in order to improve access and safety for residents,  improve optimal remote management, comprehensively manage energy consumption and limit CO2 emissions, quickly detect damage and make better management decisions with real data and better performance.

Smart street lighting provides a series of important benefits, since it can be used to promote safety in urban areas and to increase the quality of life and productivity by artificially extending the hours in which there is no sunlight the different activities daily can take place, you also get better visibility improved at night, furthermore, it also improves the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians.


An optimal selection of lamps will allow:

  • Reduce energy consumption.

  • Greater savings in CO2 emissions.

  • A considerable economic saving.

  • Optimization of lighting needs.

  • Adequacy of the intensity of illumination, this will allow to minimize the contamination of light of each area.

In this way, it is evident that good lighting and the correct selection of it for the different needs of the city is something that can benefit both the economy and those who use public roads.

At Encom Ingeniería we protect the spaces in your city with public lighting systems, we provide more efficient and safer lighting .


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