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The development of smart wireless technology and the growth of automation has led to an increase in the use of smart home entertainment devices, this in order to build a unique audiovisual experience, audio and video systems must support a quality superior audiovisual, seamless wireless streaming from any source, voice assistance and cloud connectivity.

The integration of audio and video is a challenge in many projects, where it is very important for a good performance, to have made a design tailored to the need, taking into account the acoustic characteristics of the site, the materials, the space and the finishes thereof. , as well as the taste of each user, in order to define the right sound for each space.

Customers' tastes have evolved along with their needs, and it is this dynamic that has provided networked audio systems that offer advantages to businesses and improve comfort in spaces, which means that it is possible to improve and reproduce background music, and in the company of video solutions increase the security of each sector. This also allows the implementation of distributed audio facilities, which are characterized by being fully interconnected and integrated systems, where all the audio signals, power supply and control of them go.


The advantages of multi-room A / V (audio / video) systems are based on the fact that everyone can enjoy the different multimedia sources, in addition to eliminating redundant components combined with the ability to play music in multiple rooms.

Audio-video systems have been used for a long time in any sector with home automation integrations in homes or even offices. Through a platform, these systems have the ability to reproduce both video and audio in different spaces of the house or office and independently what is known as distributed audio. The audio and video systems can be controlled from any mobile device or Tablet, providing greater integration in the technological system, which makes the signal transmission high definition, control is easier and greater comfort is obtained.

At Encom Ingenieria we are specialists in the implementation and integration of professional and high-fidelity A / V audio and video systems for homes, offices and buildings, adapting it for any place and generating the best resonance in any space, which provides maximum comfort for business and domestic management spaces. Easily control the technology of your spaces from anywhere with your mobile device or Tablet we create smart spaces for smart lives.


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