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Building Management Systems supervise and control all building parameters such as HVAC air systems, Hydrosanitary systems, HVAC systems, lighting, Control, Power Generation (Power Plants , Solar panels, etc.), Security, Fire, Access, blinds, awnings, swimming pools, communications, irrigation systems, pneumatic systems, Elevators, forklifts, ramps or escalators, and all the different sub systems that compose it.


This software component allows Multi-protocol management Integrating LonWorks, KNX, BACnet and Modbus devices, etc., in a common system with a uniform presentation of all the data which allows us the complete control of a plant, building or complex of buildings in a simple and effective way locally (on site) or remotely. To be operated by Maintenance Managers, Facility Managers, Security Specialists at the same time which centralizes, unifies and facilitates management and administration.

The application of these systems is not exclusive to large infrastructures and is adaptable to the size of the facilities, be it a multifamily or individual home, offices, commercial premises, hospitals, data centers, shopping centers, as well as any need for control regardless of its need or size.

The tasks of our specialists allow us to evaluate, design, diagnose and implement the system according to your requirement, perceiving the key points where the economic benefits can be perceived.

+ Benefits

High ROI (Return on Investment) for energy savings, direct savings in billing and personnel

Savings in administration and management costs by optimizing human resources and allowing early detection of breakdowns

Reduction of personnel costs

Infrastructure revaluation

Centralized control

Remote monitoring

Customization of the information required according to the needs

Management of consumption histories

Individual control of rooms

Establishment of programmed savings goals

Implementation of new strategies


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