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The copper cable is an electrical conductor, generally covered with an insulating material, the shape of the cable is developed so that in this way it allows to transmit electrical energy in the most optimal way possible. Copper is a very good material when it comes to transporting electricity and is generally the most widely used, due to the excellent conductivity of its material.

The cables are covered with plastic, this plastic works as an insulator for the sun, the rain or simply to isolate it from the other cables, so that none of them lose their function, and to protect us from the dangers of electricity. This insulation has various thicknesses depending on where it is used, depending on the voltage used, the current it carries or the temperature of the place where said cable is going to work.


Copper has one of the highest rates of electrical conductivity among metals, allowing easy soldering, it also makes it possible for smaller conductors to be used to transmit high power loads. Smaller conductors are easier to transport and install, and cost less, helping to manage electrical wiring costs. Copper does not experience the same extreme expansion and contraction cycles as aluminum, making it a more stable material to use.

Due to its high ductile properties, copper can be formed into very fine wire, making it more versatile. Copper has a high tensile strength, which produces minimal signs of wear, this makes the wiring more durable than aluminum. Copper wiring also adds high value to the home due to its high strength, high durability, low maintenance, and high performance.

Advantages of copper cable

  • It is low cost and simple to install.

  • Ease performance and troubleshooting.

  • It uses smaller conductors to transmit high power loads.

  • It has a broadband capacity of 10 mb per second.

  • It has a range of 1-10 kilometers.


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