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We live in a world where communications are a necessity and huge amounts of data are produced daily. Telecommunications play an important role not only in people's personal, work or academic life, but also in the development of the cities in which they live. Many times it is impossible for us to leave home without a mobile phone, nowadays, we are used to having all the services and information we need instantly. This is why it is not uncommon to see that most cities want to become Smart City.

The  telecommunications  They are one of the key pillars for the development of smart cities. They are what enable efficient management of urban centers based on data generated by ICTs. ICTs are a cross-cutting element to interconnect and improve the efficiency of all goods and services that participate in the life of cities. Increasingly, technology is at the service of citizens, telecommunications, together with IoT and AI in large cities will allow a better quality of life. The Internet of Things  It is a vital application of telecommunications in Smart Cities, since it allows objects and environments to perceive, communicate and produce information on the network.


Smart Cities involve three components: Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) that generate and accumulate data. Analysis tools that turn data into useful information. Organizational structures that stimulate collaboration, innovation and application of information to solve public problems.

Smart Cities  take advantage of the large amount of data  of their surroundings and use it for the well-being of their inhabitants and visitors. The ICT systems collect, transmit and totalize data, this work is very important, since it is what provides the necessary information on the operation of the city to be analyzed. With information and communication technologies, the smart city is not only interconnected through the electricity grid, but also through Wi-Fi.

Telecommunications contribute to the operation of Smart Cities in various fields and some of its main applications are:

  • Efficient use of public resources thanks to telecommunications

  • Greater public safety

  • Smart mobility

  • Pollution management

  • Management of visitor volume in tourist attractions

  • Smart governments

Smart cities or Smart Cities have an excellent communication system, the basis of this type of city is the use of data to improve the quality of life of its citizens. The process of technological adaptation drives various aspects of the city such as the economy, communication, tourism, administrative procedures, etc.

Las telecomunicaciones contribuyen al funcionamiento de las Smart Cities en diversos campos y algunas de sus principales aplicaciones son:

  • Uso eficiente de recursos públicos gracias a las telecomunicaciones

  • Mayor seguridad pública

  • Movilidad inteligente

  • Manejo de la contaminación

  • Gestión de volumen de visitantes en atracciones turísticas

  • Gobiernos inteligentes

Las ciudades inteligentes o Smart Cities cuentan con un sistema de comunicaciones excelente, la base de este tipo de ciudades es el uso de los datos para mejorar la calidad de vida de sus ciudadanos. El proceso de adaptación tecnológico impulsa varios aspectos de la ciudad como la economía, la comunicación, el turismo, los trámites administrativos, etc.


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