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Comfort means the well-being and comfort that something special can provide, it can be a material object, a situation or an environmental event, for example, silence, a suitable temperature, a quiet work, among other things. People will always be in search of comfort.


When a house or building adapts itself to the present needs, the quality of life of the person is improved, home automation and automation play a very important role in achieving comfort since when you have control of the entire property, This is used so that repetitive and routine tasks are carried out automatically by themselves, and in turn it is possible to program scenes so that the property adapts to the needs of each person. Home automation environments are environments of comfort, relaxation, well-being, communication, surveillance that make this system a technological revolution.


Comfort is not only being able to turn the lights on or off, or raise and lower blinds, but to be able to do it at any time and from anywhere, inside or outside the house, in a simple and harmonious way, and if possible automatically, without ever losing manual control.

More and more homes and offices are installing home automation systems in their facilities. Smart Homes are not only solutions of the future but realities of the present, automated houses offer comfort, safety and savings to their inhabitants and in the same way allow efficient management of energy use.

Not getting up from the armchair and from there being able to control almost any corner of the house, is the dream of a large number of people and thanks to home automation this is possible. Home automation systems are managed in a simple way, turn off and on any device, regulate the lighting of the spaces, everything will be at hand.

At Encom Ingeniería we transform your home into a smart home with solutions tailored to your needs and with the best technology to achieve home automation and comfortable environments, enjoy the convenience of having everything connected in a single device and live a technological experience from the comfort from your house.


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