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The access control system over the years has facilitated us through technologies the more efficient control of entrances and exits, we have professional and trained personnel to provide advice, design and support according to the need and information provided for the client.


At Encom Ingeniería we seek a complete and integrable solution that allows us to provide performance and control, taking into account permitted schedules, restriction and access of personnel in identified areas, real-time reports of the number of people and vehicles entering and leaving, between other variables according to the client's objective.


The pedestrian control system seeks to give and deny the entry of personnel to a certain area, in this case we can have multiple solutions according to the requirement, such as;


Biometric systems (fingerprint, iris, palm of the hand) Proximity system (card, tag) and keyboard, turnstile system, giving the best option and combination according to the level and flow of personnel. (image of biometrics, keyboard readers and turnstiles

In the vehicle control system we provide electromechanical solutions in which we enter and / or restrict the passage of vehicles, seeking the most efficient option in response times according to the vehicle flow and taking into account the type of area to intervene, we have solutions such as Biometric readers, RFID, Barriers, among others. 

Among other access control options, we can find solutions in smart locks that allow us to open, enter authorizations from the smartphone, fingerprint recognition, proximity and keyboard, providing security and solutions tailored to the need. (picture jump lock)


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