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WiFi comes from Wireless Fidelity, that is, wireless fidelity. WiFi is a wireless data transmission technology that allows different electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, camcorders, televisions, game consoles to exchange information with each other and connect to communication networks through a network access point wireless (hotspot), this access point has a limited range, being greater outdoors than indoors.

Internet connectivity is achieved through a wireless router. When you access Wi-Fi, you connect to a wireless router that allows Wi-Fi enabled devices to interact with the Internet.

WiFi networks transmit information over the air using radio waves, and their advantage is precisely there, in that WiFi can go where the wired connection does not go, just as it happens with mobile networks in relation to fiber broadband infrastructure Optical, in addition, in terms of installation cost it is also cheaper than a wired network.


In a WiFi connection we have a wireless adapter in a computer or other device that translates the data in the form of a radio signal and, through an antenna, transmits it over the air. And a router, also wireless, which is responsible for receiving the signal and decoding it. And once this is done, by a physical connection, by cable, through Ethernet, it sends the information through the Internet to other servers.


Wireless connectivity is increasingly widespread and has undoubtedly made our lives have completely changed, we live in a technological era in which we are always connected and this is due to the large number of WiFi connections that we can access wherever. wherever we go.

Among the main advantages that WIFI offers us, we can mention wireless connectivity, the physical connection by cables is not necessary, so we avoid having to fill our house or office with cables everywhere. Comfort, we can go from one place to another with our computer, tablet or mobile and remain connected without having any problem. Cost, not having to use wiring, makes a WiFi network have a much lower cost than wired networks.


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