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The Zero Emission Buildings focus their efforts on sustainable, sustainable and ecological constructions, with the maximum use of clean energies focused on significant long-term savings.These buildings are also called Net-zero by the Institute of Efficiency in Buildings of the United States. They are based on a construction model that does not have fossil fuels and does not produce carbon emissions.

This trend is based on the incorporation of modern automation and control systems that manage to export or return to the electrical network the resources not used in the operation of the building, but this effort is in conjunction with all the disciplines that are interrelated in the design and construction of the building engineering designs, electrical designs, bioclimatic architecture designs, etc., that make future projects integrate with the environment.


It is important to emphasize that Zero Emissions or Nearly Zero Energy Buildings are achieved both in new construction and in rehabilitation revolving around providing architectural, constructive and technological solutions to optimize the Building's emissions.

At Encom Ingenieria we specialize in the design and implementation of active technologies that minimize energy losses, dimming, for example, lighting to take advantage of natural lighting, controlling air conditioners to reduce generation efforts. We calculate and simulate the demand for energy to analyze real behavior in buildings focusing efforts on return on investment for our clients.


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