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An electrical backup system is a set of electronic components and devices that allow to guarantee the supply of electrical energy without interruptions, whether for a home, business, office or building. The backup system guarantees the continuous operation of the equipment and therefore the continuity of the production processes. In addition, it allows you to be one step ahead at a competitive level since it anticipates unexpected cuts.


There are many advantages that are obtained with a backup power system as it allows the production activity to be prolonged for a longer time and reduces the risks of losses for the company. With the backup systems, the network and the productivity of the company are maintained, delays in labor efficiency are avoided and in turn lost money, because if there is no energy backup support, customer requirements can be delayed, With this system you get a backup for the information, the electronic equipment continues to work without feeling the supply cut, which provides greater comfort knowing that you have power at all times.

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Today no industry or sector can tolerate the interruption of energy, no one is exempt from the failure of the energy supply due to force majeure events such as a flood, an atmospheric discharge, a fall of a tree or due to internal causes such as failure. maintenance to the grid, that is why there are backup power systems. 



  • Uninterrupted power supply; electrical appliances that are on do not turn off at any time.

  • It acts as a protector against sudden voltage variations.

  • It does not produce annoying noises.

  • It does not require fuel or produce exhaust gases.

  • It does not require maintenance and has a long service life.

  • The backup equipment is compact.

  • Teams are protected at all times

  • Increase reliability and productivity

  • Improves power reliability

​ At Encom Ingeniería we develop innovative solutions to support electrical energy, guaranteeing constant supply and personalized support in the execution and maintenance of the system in industries, shops, health centers, business centers, residential complexes, among others. Our electrical projects and services are focused on improving energy quality and service conditions in our clients' internal and external facilities.


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