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Regulated energy systems are a series of electrical equipment designed to protect and prevent damage to different devices within a company or organization and that cannot be exposed, due to their critical function or normal power fluctuations, the main advantage that have the energy regulation systems is that despite any failure, peak or valley that the supply presents, it ensures that the company continues to operate and provide its services normally.

​ Other benefits that energy regulation systems provide to companies, organizations or buildings include extending the useful life of equipment and avoiding the loss of critical information that can occur with any electrical failure or its recurrence.

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In the same way, energy regulation systems have another competitive advantage in terms of environmental care, since if energy is regulated responsibly, a better impact is achieved, evidenced by the reduction of energy use and the reduction of toxic waste thrown into the environment . When the impact on the environment is reduced, less energy is also demanded, since it is not the same to have an equipment that consumes 20% to another that requires 1, 2 or 5%; This is why regulated energy systems are a fundamental part of renewable energy projects or systems.


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