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Energy efficiency consists of using the least possible amount of energy to achieve the satisfaction of our needs for light, heat, cold and comfort in general, that is, we must make the most of the energy so as not to use it unnecessarily, in this way they are achieved certain levels of comfort and service, for example, adjusting electricity consumption to the real needs of users or implementing mechanisms to save energy avoiding losses during the process. Energy efficiency allows saving, reducing energy dependence, reducing pollution, improving the quality of life and easing the pocket of consumers.

Energy efficiency is essential to achieve a sustainable world, it seeks to protect the environment by reducing energy intensity and accustoming the user to consume what is necessary. The CO2 emissions that we send into the atmosphere are increasing and, for this reason, energy efficiency has become a way of taking care of the planet since it is not only in using appliances that consume less, but in that we are ourselves those of us who consume less and in a more “green” way. Energy efficiency can make a decisive contribution to the fight against climate change, to the improvement of energy security and competitiveness.

The  energy efficiency  has become a priority for governments around the world, due to the fact that traditional energy sources are limited in nature, are increasingly expensive, generate dependence on the foreign market and, in addition, have a relevant impact on the  environment  and the ecosystem.


Energy efficiency includes energy savings at the residential, industrial and municipal levels and is the lowest-cost option for meeting commitments related to climate change. Our energy and technology habits allow us to reduce consumption and achieve greater energy efficiency. Energy savings can be achieved both in our home and in our workplace by maintaining responsible consumption habits every day so as not to incur in useless energy expenditure. Being more efficient does not mean giving up our degree of well-being and quality of life, it is simply about adopting a series of responsible habits, measures and investments at a technological level.

In addition to reducing emissions, energy efficiency has other benefits for development, greater energy security, less pressure on national and household budgets, greater reliability of electrical power systems, greater competitiveness, and improved operations in sectors. fundamentals, such as education and health.


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