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Taking advantage of the sun's rays to illuminate an outdoor space when night falls is the best solution for those looking for a sustainable option that allows them to save money. Solar lighting is an alternative to electricity that has many benefits for people and the environment.

Solar lighting is an independent lighting system that is installed on public roads or outside residential, industrial, or private homes, which works on the basis of photovoltaic solar energy through solar panels or panels, which is stored in batteries for provide clean energy for lighting systems at night. The main advantage of using solar lamps for public lighting is that they are based on low cost since they work with their own energy, in addition to promoting the care of the environment.

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By taking advantage of natural light, solar energy becomes an emission-free, infinitely renewable resource that reduces the carbon footprint; Solar lighting does not have to be connected to the electrical grid, which makes it ideal for parks, outdoors and environmentally fragile lands, in this way solar lighting can be useful to achieve green building certifications.

The installation of solar powered luminaires does not require complicated infrastructure, long-term maintenance and operating costs are reduced through the use of easy-to-clean panels, electronic components, LED luminaires and recyclable batteries. Incorporating solar design into architecture is becoming more common as buildings are expected to become more and more sustainable, with the aim of minimizing the amount of energy used in buildings; solar energy is less susceptible to changes in energy prices, allowing savings compared to other energy sources.

Solar lighting is an increasingly attractive option when it comes to supplying power to remote areas, increasing people's safety at night, combating rising electricity rates and contributing to the well-being of the environment.


  • Low cost installation

  • Savings in consumption

  • They have great autonomy

  • They are ecological and sustainable

  • Provide greater security

  • It is long lasting

  • Is inexhaustible


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