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Integrating different types of systems is quite advantageous for the real operation of a building, such as using access control to connect or disconnect air conditioning equipment or dim lighting with respect to the entry of natural light, A building is not intelligent due to their levels of automation, they are intelligent due to their levels of integration.  

The problem is that there are a number of solutions in the current market from different vendors and manufacturers, so when it comes to interoperating between them it can become a very complex task.


To ensure compatibility between systems Encom Ingenieria offers you open control systems which are based on international standards, Multi manufacturers that there are different manufacturers of the control solution with products of the same technology to implement, Interoperable than the products to integrate ( HVAC, Lighting, etc.) can be replaced by products from other manufacturers that have the same or more functions without the need for reprogramming and multimedia that does not matter the medium and the way in which the devices communicate, thus giving the possibility of generating extensions to the system simple and inexpensive.


Encom Ingenieria offers Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to achieve LEED certification.


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