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There is both a technical and an economic need to measure electrical consumption and variables in any sector, be it industrial, commercial and even residential.

A measurement system serves to communicate, understand, guide and compensate for the execution of strategies, actions and results in the proper use of available energy resources.

With consumption measurement, a better production system can be obtained, processes can be carried out in a more efficient way, reducing energy costs and knowing the operating pattern of a specific area, which we could call consumption habits.

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Through the use of consumption measurement systems, the user can be aware of the energy consumption of his home, which will provide him with the necessary information to be able to modify his habits and increase his savings and efficiency according to his needs.

Monitoring of electricity consumption is the basis of energy saving and energy efficiency of the house. The electronic light meter measures the total energy consumption from the beginning of the supply, dividing the consumption data in the different time bands.


There are also monitoring systems that are included in the home automation sector. With the use of different devices it is possible to control the consumption of electricity, gas and water.

Which allows us to have a continuous improvement plan with respect to the consumption goals that we have per month, in addition to a total control of the spending patterns of our residence.

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