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The sun can provide enough energy to power the entire planet, but it cannot do it directly.  solar panels  They are the intermediary that makes sunlight serve us as energy. Its design is simple and at the same time very effective and allows self-consumption. Nowadays, renewable energy, especially solar panels, are beginning to be a highly requested option not only for many companies, but also for homes due to all the advantages it brings.

Solar panels are technological devices that capture the energy provided by the sun and transform it into electrical energy (photovoltaic panels) or thermal energy (solar collectors) usable in homes or buildings to produce electricity, these panels that produce electricity are known as solar panels photovoltaic. They are made up of structural units known as solar cells, which are what make it possible to take advantage of solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into direct current electricity during daylight hours.  

Solar panels also work on cloudy days, they not only need direct sunlight to generate electricity, although they do not produce the same amount in cloudy conditions that on really sunny days they do not stop working.

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The photovoltaic effect occurs when solar radiation hits an electron from an atom in the cell. With this new energy, the electron is able to escape from its normal position associated with an atom, to become part of a current in an electrical circuit. In this way, the electric current that makes the world work is obtained. A solar panel also takes advantage of the sun's energy to generate heat through solar collectors, which produce hot water (generally for domestic use) using solar thermal energy.

The generation of solar energy is one of the cleanest methods of energy production, since it is based on the conversion of the capture of solar radiation and its transformation into electricity (photovoltaic) or heat (thermal), becoming a process comparable to the basic mechanism of plants to generate their energy, known as photosynthesis. Traditionally, this type of energy was used to supply electricity in places where the installation of power lines was not profitable. Over time, its use has diversified to the point that solar installations in connection with the electricity grid are currently of great interest.

The installation of solar panels is more common every day  both in homes and in different industries since they provide electrical energy with greater benefits than the common electrical energy system. Solar panels can currently be obtained at moderate prices that are totally competitive to generate energy in our houses or buildings at a price that is worth it.


  • They are ecological, as they produce clean energy from an unlimited resource.

  • They are durable, with a useful life of more than 25 years.

  • They are relatively inexpensive, since the cost of installation is covered with the savings they generate.

  • They are easy to maintain.

  • Does not produce pollution

  • Savings in electrical cost

  • Increase in the value of a property

  • Power availability 


  • Son ecológicos, pues producen energía limpia de un recurso ilimitado.

  • Son duraderos, con vida útil de más de 25 años.

  • Son relativamente económicos, ya que con los niveles de ahorro que generan se cubre el costo de instalación.

  • Son de fácil mantenimiento.

  • No produce contaminación

  • Ahorro en el costo eléctrico

  • Aumento del valor de un inmueble

  • Disponibilidad de energía 



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