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Urban projects work intelligently thanks to automation, responding to the requirements and needs of people or inhabitants, through automated systems the habitability and comfort of spaces are improved, security is increased and it is evident in the medium term saving energy and money.


The good integrated use of new technologies supposes the growth and development of the communities. Among the benefits that we find in urban projects, we see the favoring of social development since it offers various spaces to innovate, create new businesses and generate ideas. It reduces the public expenditure that the government has for the correct management of public services. It offers quality and efficient services thanks to the adequate management of the processes. It allows an easy identification of the needs of the city and an optimal planning of complementary services to provide support.

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The technology developed to create urban projects can make cities more effective and efficient in the use of resources, which is necessary given the rapid growth projected in urban populations in the coming years. With a limited supply of natural resources available to meet human demand, smart technologies provide cities with the tools to effectively conserve and reduce inadvertent waste of water and electricity. Energy efficient buildings, air quality sensors and renewable energy sources provide cities with new tools to reduce their ecological impact. Information and communication technologies should be used to improve service levels, living conditions and well-being of citizens, maximize efficiency, sustainability and economic development.


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