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Earthing is a safety mechanism that is part of electrical installations and that consists of conducting eventual deviations of the current towards the  ground , preventing the user from coming into contact with the  electricity . This system consists of the connection of electrical and electronic equipment to the ground, to prevent them from being damaged by the entry of a dangerous transient current, in addition to providing protection and safety, they facilitate the operation of equipment that limits overvoltages due to atmospheric discharges. on the line, in the same way they maintain the  tension  with respect to  Earth  within a normal operating range.

Grounding is used in any type of facility, be it industrial, commercial or residential. The objectives of this form of protection are to enable grounding in systems with a neutral ground, to provide the discharge point for installations, to ensure that non-current parts, such as equipment frames, are always at ground potential, even in the event of insulation failure, and provide an effective means of unloading feeders or equipment prior to maintenance work on them.

Earthing systems allow the conduction of static charges or atmospheric electric discharges to ground, limit the voltage values to ground of accidentally energized equipment to safe levels, limit the voltage due to unintentional contact with higher voltage systems and allow protection equipment quickly isolate faults. 

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  • Provide security to people, to avoid being exposed to electric shocks in certain areas.

  • Protect electrical and electronic equipment, to extend its useful life and even prevent damage to industrial plants or equipment

  • Improves equipment reliability.

  • Reduces the likelihood of damage from lightning strikes or fault currents.

  • It prevents corrosive soils with a high moisture content, a high salt content and high temperatures from suffering degradation in the grounding rods and their connections over time.


At Encom Ingeniería we provide a good grounding system and connection, guaranteeing the safety of people and equipment used in companies, plants or buildings, thus avoiding the possibility of damage to them and having to resort to replacement. of Equipements.


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