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Currently, it has been working with technologies and solutions that allow expanding the network coverage and interconnection in different areas, whether urban or rural, one of these solutions is radio frequency connectivity, also known as radio link, with which a data transmission by means of radio waves that travel through the air, avoiding the deployment of physical cabling in the areas to be covered, thus reducing installation times, costs and speed in providing the service.

​ The radio link is a communication system between fixed points located on the earth's surface, which provide an information capacity, with certain quality and availability characteristics. One antenna is responsible for sending the information and the other is responsible for receiving it in order to facilitate the information even in places that are most difficult to access due to geographical location or the costs involved. There are different solutions that adapt to the needs of each client, radio links with different characteristics are handled for various types of connectivity that exist: PTP (point-to-point) PTMP (point-to-multipoint).


Radio links are also useful if you have several companies and you need to send information easily and quickly or if your location is in a rural location. This system of connections between two or more terminals (antennas) uses electromagnetic waves to transmit data, services of  mobile telephony for companies , Internet, etc.

Radio Links have many more advantages apart from providing coverage in places with which other conventional technologies would be more difficult, such as:

  • Transmission of large amounts of data: With the large number of antennas, radio links are capable of sending large amounts of data without losing quality or fluidity.

  • Low Costs: Thanks to the antenna technology, it is not necessary to  installation of cables , which greatly reduces its price at the time of installation.

  • Quick installation: Just a high site is enough to install an antenna and enjoy high-speed internet.

  • Allows you to reach areas where it would not be profitable to install cable

  • It has configurable bandwidth supporting hundreds of users per channel

  • The connection is robust, reliable and with a very high security

  • Tolerant to adverse weather conditions


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