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Within the electricity supply system, three main activities are distinguished: the generation of the energy necessary to satisfy consumption; transportation, which transfers energy to substations; and distribution, which makes it possible for energy to reach end customers. The distribution network is made up of the set of underground cables and the transformation centers that allow the energy to reach the end customer.

​ The purposes of medium and low voltage distribution networks are very different, so the type of user who demands it also, since having a large difference in electrical power, low voltage electrical installations are used for small consumptions usually be applied for the private consumption of homes or even in street lighting, while medium voltage lines are those with a voltage higher than the low voltage network, they are demanded in facilities that require more power such as the industrial sector, airports , stations, hospitals and other large facilities.

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Medium voltage lines support energy between 15 kV and 30 kV, depending on the way they are located, they can be overhead or underground. Overhead medium voltage lines are usually at medium height, about 7 meters, supported by supports that can be metal towers or wooden and concrete poles, generally they have a single conductor per phase and up to four circuits for each support. Underground medium voltage lines carry medium voltage energy underground and are made up of insulated cable.

​ The electric current can be differentiated according to its voltage or what we can also call the difference in electric power; In this way, it is possible to differentiate between low voltage installations, medium voltage lines and even high voltage, although the latter are less common. Therefore, the electric current is differentiated through its voltage, its unit of measurement being the volt, the amount of volts is what differentiates low voltage installations, medium voltage lines and high voltage lines. 


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