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People have an extraordinary ability to adapt to our environment, in which lighting plays a fundamental role, since most of the information we receive through the senses is obtained through sight, that is why with the time we have developed lighting systems that help us make our day to day easier.

When we talk about lighting systems, we refer to the systems that are used to give light, it is a control solution based on communication networks between various components, this refers to the set of devices that are installed to produce certain lighting effects, both practical as well as decorative. Control systems in lighting work to distribute the right amount of artificial light in the space and time needed, and are widely used both indoors and outdoors in residential, industrial or commercial spaces.


With the lighting system you can illuminate public roads, exterior facades of buildings, monuments or singular buildings or in general any installation capable of emitting light to the outside environment. The interior lighting of a building or home is as important as the architectural design of the building. For example, the well-being and performance of employees in an industrial plant will largely depend on the quality of the lighting. The application of technology in buildings allows the development of spaces that are more efficient and respectful of the environment; In this sense, lighting control systems are one of the elements that most influence the development of this type of property, since they improve energy efficiency and reduce the economic cost of lighting.


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