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Industrial electrical installations are a set of electrical circuits that have the objective of conducting and distributing electrical current from its point of origin (the electrical service) to its output.

In industry, it is necessary to have adequate industrial electrical installations that allow the production process to develop normally.

The machinery required in these spaces consumes a large amount of electrical resources, and for this reason it is necessary to carry out large-scale electrical connections that allow all the elements to function perfectly.

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Industrial electrical installations are those in which there are large consumption devices or machines, these installations have to be properly protected against dangerous thermal and dynamic effects, which may occur as a result of short-circuit currents, or overload, when these can produce breakdowns and damages both in these electrical installations, as in machinery, equipment and motors. Therefore, the conservation, maintenance and repair of industrial electrical installations is essential since possible electrical failures can be prevented, putting people's safety at risk, in addition to preventing possible economic losses due to the temporary cessation of the industrial activity.

The industrial electrical installations feed the uses in the offices or companies, all the sockets of the facilities and all the luminaires of the industries or commercial premises. The big difference that exists in this type of facilities with respect to those for residential use is that there are devices or machines of great consumption that have a three-phase operation that requires a different dimensioning.


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