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A well-planned Building Automation system without the risk of incompatibility makes the sustainability and sustainability of the building have a great impact on energy efficiency, Encom ingenieria uses green technologies that allow energy savings of up to 50% in its implementation, the change Climate and resource depletion make energy efficiency a key social issue.

After an energy consumption audit, Encom Ingenieria opts for the minimum technological correction measures, for example:

  • Lights on outside the hour

  • Too high or low standard temperatures

  • Systems on in unoccupied zones

  • Doors / Windows left open


This allows a quick amortization in the costs of energy billing payments, a significant increase in the control of preventive and corrective maintenance, a substantial saving in the management of building suppliers, compared to the initial investments required in addition to the significant increase in the comfort, productivity and safety of its co-inhabitants.


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