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Routing and Switching refers to the technology used by two different types of devices that are used to connect equipment, each of them with a specific objective within the operation of a network.


A Switch is the device through which several devices can be connected through a single network in a company or even within the same building, which can be from computers, printers to complete servers; the objective of switching is to create a network of shared resources internally and in this way it will be possible to have different devices connected to the same network.


The Router helps you connect several switches to a certain network and share that network among several computers; Its function is to transfer data between different networks; that is, it will help you to interconnect your networks, protecting the information from possible external threats. The foundation of Routing is the ability to "move" packets through some Internet networks to others.

In short, the switch acts as a controller, while the router performs the function of distributing, connecting the business through its different branches and protecting the information from possible security threats.  

The combination of both techniques, Switching and Routing, has become absolutely essential in order to guarantee fluid business communication, reduce communication costs for companies and institutions, increase productivity and improve security, as well as customer service. .

Routing and Switching benefits

  • Share data

  • Facilitate access to information

  • Improve customer service

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Increase data and operation security

  • Remotely connect to the corporate network

At Encom Ingenieria we design and implement solutions that allow devices connected to the network to communicate with each other and with other networks, and in this way an orderly, scalable and efficient network is obtained in the administration, information loops that cause drops are eliminated in the network and a converged network is achieved to handle various services such as data, voice and video.


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