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The rise of Smart buildings generates great challenges and challenges, such as security, when we talk about security we think of the idea of installing a video surveillance or CCTV system, but security covers aspects such as protection for facilities, fire systems , Intrusion alarms and access control.

The integrated and automated management for us and for our assets allow not only to improve security but also to monitor the general operation of all the aspects that this implies; year after year the security indicators increase, especially during the holidays and thanks to the automation of buildings we can avoid this type of inconvenience. Security has always been an identity of automation, and that is why there is a reason to install it in our facilities. In the market, we find systems to control and monitor all subsystems only with a mobile phone app.


The buildings are the perfect target for thieves taking into account the number of people who enter and the hours of availability of the buildings, but through the automation devices it is possible to simulate the human presence, activating the blinds so that they go up and Lower, so that the lights turn on or off at any time of the day, even if we are miles away.

A building automation system plays an important role in terms of security since the sensors that it handles are reliable because they are not as easily manipulated as other systems and it provides us with the security and comfort that we need so much, decreasing significantly the risks.



  • Increase home security .

  • Reduce energy consumption.

  • Increase the level of comfort.

  • Optimize communication and know your status at all times.

  • Control over all technology from anywhere and at any time.

  • Regulation of all spaces, so we do not have to be checking each room, to check the windows, or anything else.

  • Integrated security prevents independent alternate systems and control over all aspects of the building.


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