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An electrical substation is an installation, or set of electrical devices, that are part of an electrical power system, these facilities are responsible for transforming voltage, frequency, number of phases or connections of two or more circuits. Its main function is the production, conversion, regulation and distribution of electrical energy. The substation must modify and establish the voltage levels of an electrical infrastructure, so that the electrical energy can be transported and distributed; In other words, for energy to reach your home or company, it must first go through a substation that will level its power and transform it, in such a way that it can be used without any inconvenience.

The substations are located near the generating plants, on the periphery of the consumption areas or outside and inside the buildings. In general, substations in cities are inside buildings to save space and reduce pollution. In contrast, outdoor facilities are located on the outskirts of urban centers. The main element of electrical substations is the transformer that is responsible for modifying the voltage of the electrical energy by increasing the intensity and constant power.


Electrical substations are involved in the generation, transformation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy, an electrical substation is composed of devices capable of modifying the parameters of electrical power (voltage, current, frequency, etc.) and are a means of interconnection and dispatch between the different lines of an electrical system.

There are two types of substations: Transformation substations, they transform the voltage of electrical energy through one or more transformers, they can be raising or lowering voltage. Switching substations, connect two or more circuits and carry out their maneuvers, in this type of substations the voltage is not transformed.

​ The benefits of the substations are aimed at providing greater security of supply. In general, the power supply of the substations comes from high voltage lines that, because they are protected, make the probability of failure less, therefore, there is a better voltage regulation.


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